Galicia is the main thermal destination in Spain. Galician spas offer medicinal waters of excellent quality. This water is perfect to show outside and inside break to help improve certain ailments and enhance the quality of life of its members.

The healthy properties of Galician springs are known since before the Roman conquest. Today Galicia is the Spanish leader in thermal offer community, with over 3,000 hotel rooms and 23 spas that represent about 20% of domestic establishments. The whole Galician spas have about 150,000 users each year, coming mostly from Asturias, Castilla-Leon, Madrid and Catalonia, plus Galicia.


We can presume of Galicia since it is the health tourism destination reference in Spain. In fact, the Galician thermal offer is, after the Camino de Santiago, the most international tourist product potential. The spas also represent a sustainable business model, as they work to ensure the future of the resource, improve the quality of life of its members and contribute to fix population through employment generation.

Among the new challenges of thermal sector in Galicia are included:

  • The protection of mineral water aquifers through defending their perimeter protection.
  • The inclusion of therapeutic treatments in spas in the service portfolio of health.
  • The enhancement of the thermal culture.
  • The use of new technologies in advocacy.


In the European context, Galicia is one of the most important geothermal regions, both by the concentration of resources possessed -300 thermal springs, which translates to one per ten thousand Galician- as the temperature of the water -temperature reached maximum between 30 degrees in Augas Santas and 70 that are recorded in Lobios or in As Burgas (Ourense).

The magnificent natural resources Galicia have been boosted with modern and diversified thalassos and spas infrastructures and growing according to market needs. Twenty one balneotherapy establishments, five of thalassotherapy, nine bottling plants of natural mineral waters positioned Galicia as a leader among Spanish autonomous communities of the state, with the twenty percent of all the spa facilities of the country. Galicia is the first community in spas and fifth in talasos; although this position may be considered the first if we take into account the denomination restrictions for highest international standards.

Turismo de Galicia is taking place at this moment a Plan to Attract Private Investment consisting of conducting technical feasibility studies of ancient spas and talasos studies and possible location, prioritizing the recovery of pre-existing buildings provided if they are viable for subsequent exploitation.

In the field of targeted subsidies to the sector, Galicia occupies the first position in Spain in number of spas with Q Spanish Tourism Quality Certification.


Source: Turismo de Galicia - Xunta de Galicia.    








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