Mexico, leader in tourism of health

The potential of the tourism of health in Mexico and its North American tourism attraction are beyond doubt. Its choice to host the next edition of Termatalia is no coincidence, the tourism of health and welfare in this country accounts for 50% of revenues in the sector of Latin America and the Caribbean, which extends the possibilities of business of companies which decide to participate in this event.

Benefited by an increase in consumption, as well as a considerable flow of tourism in search of experiences that provide welfare, the industry of spas and wellbeing in Mexico has been consolidated as the most important in Latin America, attracting one of every two dollars generated in this aspect in the continent. This type of tourism lives a time of considerable expansion, between 2007 and 2013 has doubled its number of spas, currently having over 3,000 across the country and to which we must add more than 575 thermal baths scattered across its vast geography. This is because in Mexico are better weather conditions to enjoy a comforting natural spa, and compared to other countries, the water contains higher chemical and physical properties perfect for recreation, restoration and recovery of the human body.

Mexico is a country in which most grows annually the arrival of foreign tourists who increasingly demand wellness services related to natural therapies, so Mexico is the second medical tourism destination in the world, and is ranked 11 in the world in well-being tourism market. According to Patients Beyond Borders, Mexico attracts more than one million foreign patients a year. So in 2013, Mexico´s health and wellness sector received 12 million visitors, 60% of them belonging to the Mexican domestic market. This was an income of $ 10,500 billion.

Mexico is also one of the leaders in terms of the annual growth rates exceeding 10% during the last years. The forecasts are also very positive and  they expected to reach 20 million visitors in the sector in 2017.


The enormous potential of Mexico in the sector led to Termatalia to expand the number of international delegations of the fair in this country and currently has five in total divided into: Mexico North, South-east and Gulf, Pacific Coast, Center and Bajío, and Baja California Peninsula.

In a study by GYA on the best spas in Mexico found that there are around 20 different services that are offered in the country, with the passage of time is vast range of products and services that the spas in Mexico have been incorporated with the purpose of offering the best quality and stay on the cutting edge, to compete in a market in frank expansion that has had double-digit growth during recent years. In addition, currently in Mexico there are about ten federal entities that have the infrastructure and human capital to provide services of medical tourism, in addition the country has a wide range of welfare services such as the spas of destination spa boutique, retreats for lifestyle change, spiritual retreats, clinics of beauty, among others.

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