Health and Wellness Tourism Audiovisual Awards TERMATALIA - ART & TUR 2017

ART & TUR and TERMATALIA join to reward the best films of Health and Wellness Tourism in Termatalia 2017.

The ART & TUR Festival - International Tourism Film Festival is an unique event in its genre, and a vehicle with high potential to generate notoriety to the participating brands. Since 2008, the mission of the ART & TUR Festival has been to leverage tourism marketing strategies through the audiovisual sector, rewarding the best productions nationally and worldwide. Internationally, ART & TUR Festival is a reference in the field of audiovisual promotion, having attracted in 2016 a total of 302 films from 54 countries.
Audiovisual nowadays plays a fundamental role in the dissemination of destinations and tourism products, reaching the consumer faster and more attractive using the platforms available on the Internet. The Health and Wellness Tourism sector is using these tools to promote their different products, from Spas, treatments, thermal destinations, etc.
What is this agreement?:

Competition TERMATALIA-ART & TUR 2017

What type of films can participate?:

  • TV ads (up to 1 minute);
  •  Promotional Videos (up to 15 Minutes)

Promotional films can be about:

  • Destinations (Countries, Regions or Cities);
  • Treatments and Therapies;
  • Services and infrastructures (Hotels, Spas, Hot Springs, etc.)

Note: as long as the promotional theme is related to the theme of Health and Wellness.


Who can participate:

Termatalia participants (exhibitors) and all those who have a promotional film on the theme of health and tourism spas - the private Sector, institutions of Government (national, regional or local), television, independent producers, broadcasters, etc.


Participation and Exhibition

All interested parties must make the registration of the videos through the corresponding form until September 8, 2017. Entries cost 90 € per film (and 60 € in case of trade fair exhibitors).
The exhibition will be held at Termatalia 2017 in a room adapted for the projection.



A jury made up of experts from the cinema, Tourism and Health and Wellness chosen by ART & TUR and TERMATALIA will evaluate the films and determine the prizes:

  • GRAND PRIX TERMATALIA / ART & TUR 2017 - Competition Best Film
  • Destinations Best Film;
  • Services Best Film;
  • Treatments Best Film;

 6 reasons for participation - 6 opportunities - multiple benefits:

  • Opportunity to win a world reference award
  • Opportunity to know new trends in cinema and audiovisual tourism
  • Opportunity to promote your products in workshops and round tables
  • Opportunity to activate new business relationships, through a global network
  • Opportunity to establish network actions with other professionals in the sector
  • Opportunity to meet new customers and new business partners

Terms of Participation
YEAR OF PRODUCTION: All films or companies registered at the festival must have been produced after January 1, 2015

LANGUAGE VERSIONS: The Festival accepts registrations in any language. All the films of the most varied languages compete in the same categories in conjunction with English and Spanish. Entries that are not produced in English, Spanish, Galician or Portuguese must have:

  • Spanish/English or Portuguese Subtitles or Voice-over
  • Synopsis written in Spanish/ English or Portuguese. Full scripts are not accepted;

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: until 2nd September, 2017.

FORMATS and delivery: Please make sure send all materials requested for each of the listed films:

  • Word / PDF file: With a broad summary of the synopsis and objectives of the film in Spanish;
  • Proof of payment of the entry fee;
  • 2 or 3 Movie Screenshots.

We advise that the films be sent in the following formats:

  • Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080 px)   |   HD (1080x720 px), 16:9   |   PAL (720x576), 4:3
  • Video Codec:  H.264
  • Audio Codec:  AAC


You can send the materials for the mail by:
Wetransfer | You send it | Dropbox | My Air Bridge

For registration participants must complete the form available on our website:







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