Parallel to Termatalia held the International Conference on water and cures which will celebrate its 12th anniversary in 2017.

It is a series of forums and technical workshops dealing with the sector from a multidisciplinary perspective (tourist, medical, environmental, legal, economic, etc.) that it will bring together experts from different countries, which will no doubt bring together experiences and projects that are carried out both in Europe and in Latin America or Asia.


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Thursday 21 september 21

International Meeting of Cities and Thermal Villas Program

    Moderated by Nita Torres, Technician of Thermalism of the City council of Ourense.

  • 09:30 .- Opening session.
  • 09:45 .- Panel: Villas and thermal cities, sustainable destinations.
    Jorge Pumar Tesouro. Councilor of Tourism and Thermalism. Municipality of Ourense.
    Regina Apolín. President of the Spanish section of municipalities with healing water - FEMP (Spain).
    Giuseppe Bellandi. President of the European Historic Thermal Towns Association (Italy).
  • 10:45 .- Conference about Spanish and international legislation applied to the hydrothermal resources.
    Dr. Ignacio Barriobero Martínez, Doctor of Law, Technical Secretary General of the Lawyers Association of La Rioja, and Associate Professor of Administrative Law at the University of La Rioja. (Spain)
  • 11:15 .- Panel: new projects in thermal cities and socioeconomic progress.
    Antonio Jose Caja Garcia. Councilor of Urbanism and Tourism of Alhama de Murcia (Spain).
    - “Raia Termal” project. Miño-Sil Hydrologic Confederation, Provincial Government of Ourense and Portuguese City Councils of Melgaço and Terra de Bouro.  
    Manuel González Sarria. Technical Adviser Miño-Sil Hydrographic Confederation.
    - Create new economic engine, capitalizing on Thai creative & cultural approach: Klong Thom Spa Town Krabi, Thailand. 
    Dr. Thanan Apivantanaporn. Vicepresident. 
    Sutthiwan Amattayakul. Senior expert.Department of Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (ISMED). Royal Thai Government. 
    - Experiences of Europe and America. Province of Entre Ríos.
    Carlos Cecco, Intendant of Federación and Graciela Racedo, Secretary of Tourism. (Argentina)
  • 12:30 .- End of the session.

Thursday 21 september

Medical Hydrology scientific session

     Collaborate: Medical Hydrology Department of the Santiago de Compostela University – Association of Galician Spas.
    Presented by: M.D. José Ignacio Carro Otero. President of the Real Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Galicia.

  • 12:00 .- Physiotherapy and Thermal Rehabilitation (demonstration in swimming pool).
    Dr. Delfín Campos Castro. Director of Neuroburgas, Neurological damage, specialists in aquatic physiotherapy.
  • 16:00 .- Opening and presentation of the Vademecum of the mineral-medical waters of Galicia, and an orientation about the therapeutic indications of the Galician spas and resorts.
    Dr. Juan Jesús Gestal Otero. Director of the Medical Hydrology Department of the Santiago de Compostela University – Association of Galician Spas.
  • 16:30 .- Contribution of the spas therapy to the active aging, and the implementation of new services.
    Dr. María Dolores Fernández Marcos. Medical director of Grupo Caldaria.
    Dr. Laura Gómez San Miguel. Medical director of Mondariz Spa.
  • 17:20 .- Break.
  • 17:30 .- Panel of investigation Works and practical applications of the Medical Hydrology.
    - The treatment of pain through social thermalism: translational research in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, Brazil.
    Prof. Livia Drago, University of Southern Santa Catarina (Brazil).
    Prof. Fernando Hellmann. Santa Catarina Federal University. Public Health Department (Brazil).
    - Child thermalism program. Copahue Kids. Termas del Neuquén Entity (Argentina). 
    Lic. Eleana Noemí Cerda. 
    - Determination of rubidium in thermal and minero-medical waters in Ourense province. New progresses in the knowledge of its possible therapeutic use.
    Dr. María G. Souto Figueroa. Physics and Chemistry Professor. Société Française de Thermalisme et de Thalassothérapie pour la Sante Bucco- Dentaire.
  • 18:40 .- Thermalism and Health prevention. Opportunities and perspectives in international markets.
    Joachim Lieber. President of “Quality in Health Prevention e.V. (QuHeP)”.
  • 19:00 .- Synergies between medical tourism and health tourism. Experience of Costa Cálida Cares.
    Mamen Martínez Marín, Costa Cálida Manager Cares. Table Secretariat of tourism of the Region of Murcia. (Spain)
  • 19:10 .- Presentation of Neuquén-Argentina as the site of the VI Ibero-American Congress of Peloides.
    Alberto Diego Moreno, President of Termas del Neuquén.
  • 19:20 .- Conclusions.
  • 19:30 .- End of the session.

Friday 22 september 22

International Meeting on Wellness Executive Management 

    Moderated by César Tejedor, CEO Massage Around the World.

  • 09:15 .- Opening.
  • 09:30 .- Bases of success: Concept design, philosophy and SOP. 
    Cesar Tejedor. CEO Massage Around the World (Spain).
  • 10:05 .- Human capital: the most important inversion of your company. 
    Esperanza Abascal. Executive Operations Manager of Six Senses Spa (Spain - Thailand). 
  • 10:40 .- Effective management: keys for the profitability of your wellness center. 
    Javier Suarez. Founder of Spa Management Spain, (Spain-Portugal).
  • 11:15 .- Break.
  • 11:30 .- Integrative medicine applied to thermal centers and spa. 
    Dr. Salvador Ramos Rey. Medical Director od talaso Atlantico.
  • 12:10 .- What are Health & Well-being tourists looking for? Directions and Perspectives - Tour Operators Point of view.
    Claudia Wagner, Director Fit-Reisen Germany.
  • 12:55 .- The future of wellness and thermalism. 
    László Puczkó. Director RLA (Hungría).
  • 13:30 .- Debate about the situation of wellness: steps to get an efficient integration. 
  • 14:30 .- End of the session.

Friday 22 september 

Session on Tourism, Innovation and Sustainability.

    Moderated by Carmen Pardo, expert in Health Tourism.

  • 16:00 .- Health tourism and wellness destinies in Spain and Portugal.
    - Pilar Valdés Arroyo, Product Manager, Tourism Institute of the Region of Murcia.
    - “Termas Centro” trade mark in Portugal. Guida Mendes. Coordinator of the project.
    - Evolution of the Social Thermal Program "Tren Balnearios". José Juan Cerdeira. Director of the Welfare Area of the Diputación de Ourense.
  • 17:15 .- Tradition and innovation in Asia. 
    Health tourism with thermal waters in Asia. Culture, history, tradition in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China.
    Windy Yang “Spa Lady”. Chief Advisor at “Global Hotspring Power-Up Center” and conductor of the specialized radio program “Ichiban Onsen” in CSBC Radio Broadcasting (Taiwan).
    Physical and emotional recuperation through gastronomy in the wellness tourism.
    Andrew Jacka. Director of the Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (Thailand).
  • 17:50 .-
  • 18:00 .- Latin America. Creating an own thermal identity.
    - Santiago del Estero. Ricardo Sosa, Subsecretary of Tourism of the Province of Santiago del Estero. (Argentina)
    - "Healthy circuits of the end of the World (Argentina- Chile-Uruguay)". Fernando Ariel Volij. General Manager of Caviahue Tours. World Sales Operator.
    - Thermalism, wellness and life quality in Cuba. Leonardo Alemán. Cuban Medical Services.
    - SNOW SPA - Second phase of development. Dr Nicolas Gurnik. Provincial Director of the medical service. Copahue Thermal Center.
  • 19:15 .-
  • 19:30 .- End of the session.


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