Within the celebration of TERMATALIA 2017, will promote a Statement of Investment Projects in order to present new business opportunities to develop in different destinations related to the field of hydrotherapy, health and well-being. 

Coinciding with the international spirit of Termatalia, this forum is open to thermal destinations that have investment projects in different parts of Europe, Asia and Latin America, fundamentally. 

Wellness Tourism represents the intersection of a powerful tendency of lifestyle and one growing global industry, proof of this is 586,5 thousand well-being tourism trips made by 2013, which generated $494 billion of revenue. Is of a sector emerging, that is currently around a 15% of them expenses total in tourism, and has with some prospects of growth of the 9% annual until the 2017, almost the 50% more fast of what grows the tourism world in general. 

The profile of those attending this meeting - which requires custom invitation - is as follows:

  • Private investors of the touristic, thermal or real estate sector.
  • Groups and hotel chains with expansion plans
  • Consultants and advisors of real estate and touristic investment.
  • Commercial offices and commercial assistantships of foreign embassy.
  • Chamber of Commerce in Spain, of countries with investment capacity.

The aim is that entities and business groups that may have an interest in this type of projects, obtain first-hand information, at the time that exchange impressions with the representatives of the participating destinations.


Arteaga - Saltillo, Estate of Coahuila - Friday 30 september


16.00 H.- Presentations of projects of investment from Spain and Mexico, among other countries, related with the water and the tourism of health and welfare.

          - Asociación Colombiana de Turismo de Bienestar (Colombia) 

17.15 H.- Conclusions.

17.30 H.- Meetings B2B.


Duration of presentations: maximum 15 minutes. After each presentation, there will be 5 minutes to answer questions from the floor. The presentation should include, among other things:

  • Legal aspects of the possible investment (permits, licenses...)
  • Entities, institutions, or companies that are already involved in the project (at the level of funding, collaboration...)
  • Attracting customers and visitors.
  • Possible financial return for investors.



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