19-09-2017 COPAHUE, thermal paradise. Wellness and adventure in Patagonia Argentina

The thermal village of Copahue is located in the northwest of the province of Neuquén in Patagonia Argentina, 380 km from the capital city and 1576 from the city of Buenos Aires. It is the main thermal center developed by Termas del Neuquén belonging to the government of the province, whose presidency is currently exercised by Mr. Alberto Moreno.

The thermal baths and the complex of Copahue are developed at the foot of the homonymous Volcano, which means that the resources have the peculiarity of being totally natural and unique thanks to its volcanic origin. The thermal resources of Copahue are composed of fumaroles, minerals that melt the waters of melting, sludge and algae, giving rise to a variety of minerals. Sulphate, sulphurous, ferruginous, each mineral gives a special color to the springs. we find green, gray and transparent waters. The thermal village has more than a dozen springs of mineral-medicinal waters.

Algae and mud, internationally recognized for their properties, have an unequaled texture and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the richness in minerals and microorganisms that allow them to be used in Rheumatic and Dermatological pathologies.

The medical team is under the Directorate of Thermal Medicine of Dr. María Lorena Vela and Dr. Nicolás Gurnik, who together with their team of professionals set up the appropriate programs to make the most of the stay in the hot springs and make good use of the thermal resources that are applied in programs of health, beauty and relaxation, adapted to the needs of each visitor. The thermal complex offers around thermal programs of respiratory, rheumatological and dermatological therapies and has thermal dermocosmiatrics, kinesiology and masotherapy services.

Copahue is health, it is welfare, it is sports ...
With the intention of expanding wellness tourism and expanding the traditional seasonality of Copahue (December - May), from the year 2016 with a great effort and bet, was born the winter product Termas y Nieve. To natural resources is added the striking environment of permanent snow on the banks of the Volcano. It is a unique experience in South America and the transfer to the hot springs is done in caterpillars, pisa snows or snowmobiles, which makes the trip to Copahue a very exciting tourist attraction.

Within the winter season, Termas del Neuquén had very important sporting events: the first meeting of snowmobiles, a trail race with snowshoeing called "Copahue Extremo", was also the scene for high sky encounter mountain, Snowkite, crossings in motorcycles or vehicles adapted for snow, and gastronomic events.

Among the activities offered by Copahue is in February "Copahue Medita", a week combining thermal benefits with holistic therapies, meditation workshops, reiki, healthy eating, family constellations, yoga, oxygenation and talks about alternative medicine .

Another event in which Copahue was highlighted as an innovative proposal was the week dedicated to the youngest: "Copahue Kids", was held in March this year for the first time and was a pleasant experience given the great call that there were families which sought in the vapors and nebulizations a method of prevention and treatment of respiratory respiratory disorders in children. It was complemented by talks and workshops related to children´s pathologies and healthy eating ...

The program has the purpose of dedicating all the therapeutic tools that have thermal baths of Copahue to the children. A special nebulization area was opened for children, therapeutic protocols were adapted and staff were trained in the care of minors for their special physiological needs due to their age.

The most interesting thing was to achieve the conjunction of a Terma School space so that parents can have proximity to professionals who are introducing innovative and avant-garde treatments to treat different pathologies of children and at the same time have spaces for games and creativity in an environment that is generally dedicated to the elderly. The first edition was a success they passed more than 200 children by the terma was the weekend with more children of the season, the parents thanked many the spaces of exchange and APRENDISAJE and the children could feel that the thermal baths are a place for they.

And without a doubt, the outstanding event of Termas del Neuquén will be in March 2019 with the Iberoamerican Congress of Peloides. This congress is the first time that it leaves Europe and the province of Neuquén will be the host to receive doctors, scientists and specialists from all over the world, who will come to experience the extraordinary of the FANGO of Copahue.-A responsibility that prides the team and the Province of Neuquén.

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