20-09-2017 University of Vigo and Verín City Council will create the "Verín Chair of Mineral-Medicinal Waters"

  • >> The mayor, Gerardo Seoane, and the vice-rector, Virxilio Rodríguez, announced the agreement in the framework of the presentation of the recovery of the thermal source of Caldeliñas

The mayor of Verín, Gerardo Seoane, and the vice-rector of the University of Vigo, Virxilio Rodríguez, reached today an agreement for the creation of "Verín Chair of Mineral-Medicinal Waters", which will be the first university department specialized in a thermal territory of Galicia. The mayor said that this is a momentous leap in the recovery of Verín´s thermalism, with the university as a partner and guide to develop the sector.

According to the Ayuntamiento and Univerisidade de Vigo, the specific weight of Verín´s thermalism in the province of Ourense is so great that it deserves a separate study area. In the words of Gerardo Seoane, "with spa treatments in the nineteenth century, with Fontenova´s huge market share in the twentieth century, and with Cabreirora´s penetration in the twenty-first century, Verín is the base of the thermal industry of the province of Ourense, not to mention Galicia. "

The development of new lines of business, research on thermal heritage, the creation of new products and research in all fields of treatments and mineral waters need the University of Vigo, said the mayor, "to go from the hand with Verín in an exciting project of the future during the next decades and thus allow to investigate, make a thesis and develop, in short, Verín´s thermal future. "

After the presentation of the II International Symposium on Health and Quality of Life, the mayor and the vice-rector visited the research panel which, commissioned by the City of Verín and published in this congress of the University of Vigo, shows the close relationship of thermalism of Verín with the Spanish Royal House, by his official photographer in the nineteenth century, Fernand Debas, who ended up being the owner and promoter of Sousas and Caldeliñas.

University Headquarters in Verín

The Rectorate of the University of Vigo and the City of Verín already work for the signing of the documents to establish the new chair from the year that well. This chair will contain several research programs, doctorates and theses, information activities and teaching to be determined by a government committee, according to Virxilio Rodríguez explained to the mayor, in the coming dates.

Likewise, the officials of both entities agreed that the Verín Chair of Mineral-Medicinal Waters will have a stable headquarters in the town of Monterrei, to facilitate the access of researchers to resources, and the presence of the University in the events that take place in the territory of Monterrei.


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