19-03-2018 Water of Galicia, international reference brand 

  • >> This strategic resource, a forum in Cuntis, employs 1,400 people in tourism and industry.

The possibilities of a natural element such as water in Galicia, even in terms of tourism as in other sectors, are increasing. In this regard, the Regional Minister for the Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde, made a commitment yesterday at a forum in Cuntis to position Agua de Galicia as an international reference brand, synonymous with prestige and quality, during an event that brought together the main representatives of this sector to highlight the value of this brand.

As the Regional Minister pointed out, Galicia has an important opportunity to make a difference through this strategic resource and gain in competitiveness.

In this way, Conde said that the comunity count with all of the necesary elements to strengthen the sector:  a quality product, water, which has in Galicia some of the most important springs in the world and has 300 mineral and medicinal water catchments; a reference tourist sector thanks to more than twenty spas and thickets that receive 150,000 users a year; and a bottling industry that has 10 companies that account for 10% of Spanish business activity and 8% of employment.

“ Galicia has a big capacity of water-based tour in the water and in the attraction of tourist, this double dimension of the water permits, across the innovation and the globalization, to create employ and high the invoicing”, he explain.

Conde also emphasize the industry association and the Administration reflected in the conventions to impulse the Brand Agua de Galicia and which have for object give it the best visibility to the sector with informative actions; to bring the quality of the product closer to the consumer and to attract new audiences, as well as to publicise the healthy and therapeutic benefits of Galician waters and to improve business competitiveness.

ALL the CAMPS. The Regional Minister confirmed the Galician Government´s commitment to the water sector in all fields: "We must support this sector which generates 1,400 jobs in its entirety", he said.

He highlighted the work being done to protect them. Galicia has the first law in Spain that will regulate the recreational use of hot springs, as well as campaigns to promote the rational use of water, or actions to boost its potential, both from the point of view of energy, tourism (where Galicia already has the are throughout Spain) and industry.

Conde ended his speech at this meeting in Cuntis by inviting the sector to continue on the current path of collaboration and dialogue so that, by joining forces and synergies, the Water Brand of Galicia may obtain the prestige it deserves today.


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