11-05-2018 Expourense stars in Galicia Day at the 51st AGRO Fair in Braga

  • The Ourensano exhibition center has a stand in which it promotes its appointments in which crossborder cooperation plays a fundamental role

Braga - Portugal, 11/05 / 2018.- The 51st edition of AGRO, the International Fair of Agriculture, Livestock and Food, held yesterday and until next Sunday in the Portuguese town of Braga, yesterday organized the day dedicated to Galicia. The community was represented by Ourense through the presence of the president of the Association of Fairs and Events of Galicia (AGAFE) and managing director of Expourense, Alejandro Rubín, and the deputy director of Expourense, Emma González, who were accompanied by the vice president of the Business Confederation of Ourense (CEO) and president of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs, Marisol Novoa and different media Ourensanos.

Under the agreements of crossborder cooperation that Expourense maintains with different entities of the North of Portugal, among which is the new FORUM BRAGA (former Exhibition Park), the Ourensano fairgrounds has a stand from which it is to promote its next ones appointments linked to the primary sector and tourism and in which the Portuguese market plays an important role. Both the two entities collaborate to guarantee the promotion of their resources in events organized by the other and that are linked to the spa, gastronomy or wine, potentialities shared by the two areas of the Euroregion.

During the visit of the official delegation of the day to the stand of Expourense, a tasting of Galician products from collaborating companies was offered, as in the case of the Denomination of Origin Monterrey. It also promoted two quality products from Galicia recognized with D.O. or I.X.P. The local delegation was composed of the vice president of the Municipal Chamber of Braga, Filmino Marques; the president of the Invest Braga, Carlos Oliveira; the administrator of the Invest Braga, Carlos Silva, the Councilman of Economy of Braga, Antonio Barroso, and the director of the Forum Braga, Carlos Coutinho.

The 51st edition of AGRO is the first event that takes place in the bracariense enclosure after the remodeling works that have involved an investment of more than 9 million euros and that place this city at the point of reference for congress and incentive tourism. Those responsible for the Portuguese site invited the Galician delegation to take a tour of the new facilities.

The appointments that Expourense is to promote in AGRO these days are:

- TERMATALIA, 18th International Thermal Tourism, Health and Wellbeing Fair - 12 and 14 September 2018. It is celebrated in Foz do Iguaçu, in Brazil.

- SPORTUR GALICIA, 2nd Sports and Active Tourism Show. November 15 to 17, 2018

- XANTAR, 20th International Gastronomic Tourism Fair - 6 to 10 February 2019.

- VINIS TERRAE, 8th Galician Quality Wine and Liquor Show - April 8 and 9, 2019.
With this participation in AGRO, Expourense strengthens its relations of cross-border cooperation especially focused on the agri-food sector and local tourism with the aim of promoting the competitiveness of Galician companies and, in a special gesture, small producers or cooperative members.
AGRO is an event that develops a relevant role in the promotion and dissemination of products and serves as a meeting point for agri-food companies throughout Portugal (and also some Galician companies) receiving more than 80,000 visits in four days.

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