State of Coahuila, headquarters of Termatalia Mexico 2016


This is Mexico, this is Coahuila 

To host the 16th edition of International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Wellness next year, it is a great responsability and commitment thay fills us with pride and enthusiasm, because it represents the perfect opportunity to show our potential.

Mexico is an attractive, warm, reliable and safe destination; a mosaic full of color, music, aromas and flavors; with beautiful architecture and valuable traditions; a place of incredible natural wealth, a place full of activities and unforgettable experiences.

In today´s Mexico, it is clear that health and wellness Tourism is part of the manufacturing industry which generates opportunities from the sustainable use of our resources and natural beauties, as well as our impressive culture and history.

In Mexico, we have also sites where there is practised the tourism of health and well-being as Hidalgo, Morelos, Guanajuato, the State of Mexico and certainly in Coahuila, which in 2016 will receive the most important forum of water and Termalismo of Europe and America.

Coahuila, our land, is in the North-East of the Country, in the border with the United States of America. A large State not only through its territory, but by its natural resources, its customs and traditions, but above all by its enterprising people who with great strength has beaten the desert and has made its qualities, a tool for life.

In Coahuila, we have a great variety of ecosystems that allow us to enjoy a surprising range of natural landscapes that include large desert areas, forests and mountains, have the greatest paleontological richness of Mexico and we distinguish ourselves in the international contest among the top 10 archeological discoveries.

We are the only State in the North of the Mexican Republic that boasts four magical towns, Parras de la Fuente, Cuatro Ciénegas, Arteaga and Viesca, towns which, thanks to its cultural uniqueness, received this denomination to join a program of federal support that allows their promotion, development and conservation.
Our state, where industrial and automotive progress mark the course, is the territory where they were born key characters for the national history. We also have a vast range of touristic offer which covers industrial cities, large suppliers of energy, vehicles and food. In case outside little, we guarantee that in Coahuila you will be captivated with our varied cuisine and world-class wines.

Among all these tourist qualities, there are also important natural of mining-medicinal hot wáter springs, as well as water sources in the semi desert which,with no doubt,will become in  the becoming years an endogenous resource that will allow us to realize those benefits natural potential of economic development for these regions.

In the municipality of Ramos Arizpe, in the southeast of the State, we have the hot springs of San Joaquin as a consolidated resort offering an interesting space for rest and comfort with sulfurous waters.
Candela, as Escobedo to Central Coahuila, also has natural areas with enormous potential, ideal to relax in its healing mineral springs sites.

In these places to recieve ans make you available to let the world know our thermal wealth, the purity of water emanating from the Sierra Madre Oriental and the impressive and blue water fossils of ponds located in the desert in Cuatro Ciénegas.
We are proud of our State, we live in a noble place, where our families have to hand opportunities for education and development, where United are fighting together to achieve more and more leadership.

We are grateful for the confidence vote of Termatalia´s International Committee, as well as the vision, decision and support that there has granted us the Governor of Coahuila de Zaragoza State , Mr. Rubén Moreira Valdez, together with the members of the Meeting of Government of the Honourable Congress of the State who compromised with the development of the tourism and the environmental care, added to position Coahuila as a destination of health and well-being.

That is why,  it will be to a true honor to receive you in Mexico next year at the 16th International Fair of the Thermal Tourism, Health and Welfare, from where we will show the world all the potential and natural beauty of our State.

In September of the 2016... see you in Coahuila, we look forward, with open arms.






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