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Termatalia reaches its legal age in Brazil, positioned as a professional appointment for international health tourism

Foz do Iguaçu, 14/09 / 2018.- Termatalia Brasil, International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Wellbeing, this afternoon closed the doors of its 18th edition reinforced as the great international appointment of health and wellness tourism. Held in Foz de Iguaçu, this meeting brought together more than 2,500 professionals from 34 countries and helped to include this Brazilian city on the map of global spas. They were two days of intense activity in which the business, professional training and relational capital were once again the main axes of the fair.

The official closing of this edition was attended by Marcos Stamm, the Brazilian general director of Itaipu Binacional, the hydroelectric plant that generates the largest amount of clean energy on the planet and responsible for 25% of the electricity consumed in Brazil and 56%. of Paraguays. He was accompanied in this act by the secretary of tourism of Foz do Iguaçu, Gilmar Piolla; by the councilman of Termalism of Ourense, Jorge Pumar; by the deputy of Termalism of Ourense, Ana Villarino; by Senator Francisco José Fernández and by the general director of Termatalia, Alejandro Rubín.

During this closing ceremony awards were given to the 16th International Water Tasting held today and led by the Galician sommelier Mercedes González. The jury was made up of experts from Spain, Brazil, Argentina and France. The results of this tasting, in which 18 brands from several countries participated, were the following:
Very weak mineralization water without gas: the winner was "Gond Wana" from Paraguay.
Natural mineral water without medium mineralization gas:- 1st prize: Cabreiroá (Galicia- Spain)- 2nd prize: Monchique (Portugal)- 3rd prize: Gravatal (Brazil).
Mineral water with natural gas: the winner was Campilho (Portugal).
Natural mineral water with added gas:- 1st prize: Magma de Cabreiroá (Galicia - Spain).- 2nd prize: Levity (Brazil).
Special innovative packaging prize: Sferrie (Brazil).

Before the official closing ceremony, three candidates were presented to host the next edition of Termatalia in America, which will be in 2020, since in odd years the fair is always held at its original headquarters: the city of Ourense. Ecuador, Colombia and the Argentine province of Entre Ríos made a presentation of their thermal resources and the reasons why they want to become the headquarters of Termatalia. The chosen venue will be communicated in the next edition of the fair that will take place in Ourense in September 2019.

The candidacy of Ecuador was defended by the representative of the Ministry of Tourism, Patricio Miller, and by the president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Quito, Rafael Roldán. The petition of the countrys Tourism Minister, Enrique Ponce de León, was sent to the organization of the fair to become the headquarters and highlighted its thermal potential with important thermal areas such as Cuenca (World Heritage), Baños de Agua Santa or Chachimbiro and its volcanic origin.

The candidacy of the Argentine province of Entre Ríos was presented by its secretary of tourism, Carolina Gaillard, who reviewed the way thermalism changed the life of this province that concentrates the largest number of thermal destinations in Argentina with 13 locations that has 16 complexes In addition, this province promoted the presentation at the congress of an initiative to create a law that regulates the therapeutic use of thermal waters. To paraphrase the promotional motto of this province, "Entre Ríos hace bien", the tourism secretary wanted to emphasize that "Termatalia does well" to all the agents of the sector creating collaborative networks beneficial for all the parties involved.

The last of the candidatures was presented by Ricardo Ramirez, Co-Director of the Business Plan for Tourism of Welfare of Colombia who indicated the commitment of the new government of the country for the "Orange Economy" that supports creativity and also includes tourism. It claimed the breadth and supply of its thermal resources and appealed that they are the second country with the greatest biodiversity in the world.

Among the different activities held during this closing day, the Meeting of Public Policies of Thermalism was held in which 40 institutional representatives from a dozen countries participated to share the different policies carried out on the management of water and thermal resources. .

The scientific program continued today with the celebration of the 1st Latin American Meeting of Thermalism and the International Meeting of Thermal Cities in which populations participated as Ourense (Spain), Pontevedra (Spain), La Fortuna (Costa Rica), Santo Amaro da Imperatriz in Santa Catarina (Brazil) or Itaipulandia (Brazil).

Also today, scientific communications were presented by researchers from Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Chile and Colombia. These works will be collected in the annual report of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology.

This concludes three days of intense activity that have positioned Termatalia as the world meeting point for thermal and wellness destinations.