Date of Celebration: SEPTEMBER 14th, 2018 at 14.00

In this new edition of Termatalia it will celebrate the 16th International water tasting in that will participate Brands of different countries.


  • Very low mineralization or light waters.
  • Medium mineralization or mixed waters.
  • High mineralization or waters with character.

(*) 3 samples per category are needed, if not, they will compete in just one category: Natural Mineral Not Sparkling Waters.

  • Prepared potable water, public drinking bottled water or purified water.

(*) Flavored, flavored waters etc. are not included



Special Awards


A 20 lines summary must be provided, as well as photos or other documentation that will be considered appropriate, 7 days before tasting date. Otherwise, they will not be taken into account.




It will be composed to international professionals and experts.

Bases Internacionales

Press here to read the Water tasting Rules.


- Participating waters must be present at fair’s Water Bar. Waters presented in the fair Termatalia. The tasting is free, there is no charge per presented sample.

- A minimum of 6 bottles, 50 cls. each one, must be sent.

- The bottles sent for the tasting must preferably be made glass ones, original and unopened.

- Tasting temperature: standard atmosphere, defined by the technical committee (+/- 2ºC).



- Diploma and trophy will be awarded for each category.
- Number of awards proportional to the number of samples. Three prizes will be awarded for each category (1st, 2nd and 3rd), it will be necessary to have a minimum of three participants for each prize.
- Prerogative to attribute special distinction if it suits a particular water or a deserving bottler.
- The winner can present the diploma and trophy and can represent it in its commercial packaging under the conditions of the license agreement issued each year by Termatalia and signed by the bottler.

jurado Termatalia 2018

Water awarded in the previous edition


        Natural Mineral Water, low mineralization:

  •          1st prize: Aguas de Cabreiroá (Galicia)
  •          2nd prize: Carvalhelhos (Portugal)
  •          3rd prize: Agua do Gravatal (Brasil)

        Natural Mineral Water, very low mineralization:

  •          1st prize: Agua Sana (Galicia)
  •          2nd prize: Aguas do Paraño (Galicia)

        Sparkling Mineral Water, with natural gas:

  •          Campilho (Portugal)
  •          Magma Original (Galicia)
  •          Pedras Salgadas (Portugal)

Sparkling Mineral Water, with natural gas:

  • Campilho (Portugal)
  • Magma Original (Galicia)
  • Pedras Salgadas (Portugal)

Sparkling Mineral Water, with added gas:

  • 1st prize: Magma con gas añadido (Galicia)
  • 2nd prize: Aguas de Sousas (Galicia)
  • 3rd prize: Fontenova (Galicia)

Special Awards:

  • Innovating Bottle: Agua de Vidago (Portugal)
  • Special Corporate Social Responsibility Award: Fontecabras (Aragón).